Free Sound Effects


The different ways to browse our sounds

Apart from using the search there are other ways to find sounds - some in a more browsing, rummaging, unspecific sort of way.

Closest to beeing a "Catalog". An index of all keywords to the sounds, like Cats, humming, Ufo, Household, Implosion ...etc.

Skim a big textblock of all tags and get inspired to click interesting tags you've spotted. The more sounds a tag has, the bigger it gets displayed.

Chartlist of popularity. Sort all sounds by "most-viewed", "most-downloaded", "most played", "most commented on", or "least-viewed" if you like.

The most powerfull tool to display a specific list of sounds. Narrow the list down to something like "all 'natural' sounds with the tags 'animal' and 'courtship'". Or "all sounds with titles containing 'gras' of the category 'panorama'".

Find all sounds sorted by upload-date.