Free Sound Effects

What can I find here?

 A web community of volunteers collecting and offering a vast, free, public domain sounds library with all audible sounds of the world.

Everyone who logs in may upload his recordings of the world. If you record for pdsounds, you must agree to release the audio files you make into the public domain.

This means that everyone can download the sounds and use them at will - use them for education, use them to create art, use them for commercial purposes too - there are no copyrights, no strings attached to the files.

What sounds can I expect to find here?

Field recordings of cities, of nature, animals, appliances, machines, locations... People yelling, booing, muttering, humming... Crackling, wooshing, booming, zirping, beeping sounds... Scary, lovely, mystic sounds. Experiments and phenomena...


As not everyone who uploads sounds has studio-quality recording gear, nor expertise, the quality of the sounds might seem bad to some and great to others. pdsounds does not differentiate between qualities. If you like to hear a sound of starting jet-engines in a better quality, we very much welcome your second version.

What sounds will I certainly not find here?

Copyrighted music. No songs at all. Recordings of movies, plays, TV or radio shows or any other performances. Talk. Pornography.

For some more information visit the Submission Guideline.