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baby, 5 months old, gabbling, laughing, practising voice

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Baby is 5 months old - male. Liing on its back and/or tummy on the floor on a thick blanket in a 4 by 3 meter lightly furnished room. It's having a good time and training gabbling and to express himself with sounds.

There is giggling, and laughing, a baby sneeze, there are pircing shrieks and lallations and a ton of cute sounds to be cut out of this 5 minute recording. There is also some slight unease. "Daddy, stop recording and play with me!"

(The 5 minute recordings is not true time. I had to cut some silences down here and there to shorten it to 5 minutes. Mostly the pauses are true though)

Awesome...Reminds me of my

Awesome...Reminds me of my kids when they were babies

:) Which reminds me to

:) Which reminds me to record again. He is now 7 months old.

this is awsome!

this is awsome!