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Sawing an empty toilet paper roll

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Download as FLAC (original format, better quality)

Using a small one-hand saw on an empty toilet paper roll (or rather on the cylinder in the middle)

Recorded using my HP Ipaq hx4100 App: Audio Recorder.

I removed noise and some disturbing sounds with Audacity and converted to flac.

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Great one! It's a pity the

Great one! It's a pity the click-to-play link doesn't work. But the download works. I think i'll provide the FLAC file-download with big link in the description and reupload it as mp3-file for convenience to the browsing people. We can offer both services easily by hand - best of bnoth worlds. As long as this website is not running over with uploads this can easily done by hand and manpower. Heck, even LIbrivox started off with EVERYTHING beeing done by hand. The uploads, the catalogging, the linking...
If we want FLAC and mp3, we can do it.

I'll add some associative tags to the sound.

It's interesting to hear

It's interesting to hear that librivox worked (does it still?) in such a way =)

I've installed drupal some moments ago, seems like some fun stuff! It appears, that one could use the video module for playing back ogg. mh.

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